About Pixica

Pixica is my product, my name is Chelsea Carson.

I am a graphic design student at E.I.T Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. At the moment I am in the first year of a three-year degree, The Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design. My areas of interest within the design field are; text as a graphic element, illustration, and lighting design (particularly lamps).

Outside of my time at EIT I work at a local restaurant and play football for Port Hill United.

I grew up in a quiet middle-class suburb and went to quiet middle-class schools. I had an interest in art from early in my childhood and it slowly grew as I got older. When I first started at E.I.T I had the aim of becoming a social worker. After completing the Certificate in Applied Social Sciences, I decided that my creative inner child was drowning under the text books. Now that I can call myself a Design student, I feel I have finally fallen into my place.

I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do.

Kia Kaha world,

Chelsea Carson, a.k.a. Pixica


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