Here are the four finish labels. In the end I went with a more textured look to give the image some depth. I also wanted to go with subtle colours that gave a softer feel. Each label represents an aspect of Hawke’s Bay. The Chardonnay label represents the grapes of the wine as well as the vineyards that surround our region. The Riesling label features a scollop shell between two waves as a tribute to the ocean. The Otatara Red label includes the branches from the pine trees as the frame the view of the ocean from in Napier. Lastly, the Pinot Noir shows the hill behind our Polytech that houses Otatara Pa.

As I write this, the bottles have already been put up for display and the People’s Choice votes are being cast. At the end of the week the judging and awards will take place. I’m happy with my final results, but there are some very talented people in my class who have made some bold designs. In the finish though, the brief for me was more about learning the skills of the programmes and tightening my technical ability. Once those aspects become more automatic, I will have more space for creativity.


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