Babies, babies, babies

Being the poor student I am, I always have trouble when birthdays and christmas’ roll around. This week is my best friends baby’s first birthday. I’ve known this friend since she herself was born so I wanted to do something special. I bought some cute clothes for her then decided to do a drawing of Olivia, the baby. Initially I thought I could do something on photoshop etc but it seems like everyone can do that sort of things these days. Even cellphone apps can create amazing interesting effects in mere seconds.

This led me to run with the hand-drawn theme. I got a photo of Olivia of my friends Facebook page and drew from that. I started with a 6H pencil and then went to a 2B. I decided to add colour with colour pencil. I had a hard time trying to make sure she didn’t look like a zombie with the grey from the graphite. It’s the first time I’ve done this sort of thing and I’m relatively happy with it. I think if I had used orange in the colouring as well it would have helped with getting the right tone but the orange pencil was out of sight and therefore out of mind.

The scan seems a little dirty, not sure why that is. Also it is now framed to look all fancy like.


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