Not so robotic

Evidently robots turned out to have really no relation to wine or polytech so the previous idea flopped.

The new concept I’m working on is based on the idea that where I study the range of students is huge. There are all different nationalities at all different ages. This thinking led to a patchwork sort of idea. I wanted to hand draw a pattern, made up of different colours and shapes. In the end I had drew then vector traced as the hand drawn element looked unfinished when on the computer. It’s very much still a work in progress but the theme I’m onto I want to stay with. I think it captures what I want to say in a more abstract metaphoric way.

There’s still a a long way to go and there are four labels to do. Each label will have it’s own colour theme and a different illustration. The text needs to be held in mind when doing the drawing next time to make it fit in nicer but at least now I have something to work with as a starting point.


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